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Best Hand Lotion for Nurses

Melissa Marsden

Nurses are essential members of our health care system and now more than ever it is important for them to stay healthy.  Keeping a balanced diet and exercise are some key factors to staying healthy physically, but did you know keeping skin healthy is one major step you can take to help with your overall health?

The skin is the body’s largest organ and its main function is to protect your body.  When your skin is damaged it can become inflamed, itchy, dry, cracked or bleeding. If your skin gets into this state it can lead to different types of skin infections such as cellulitis or impetigo and the effects of that can cause physical damage along with emotional suffering.

When it comes to having good hygiene, medical professionals have to work much harder at sticking to protocols than anyone else. Simply put - this equates to a great deal of hand washing. This constant washing can strip their skin of the essential oils it needs to keep their skin moisturized and healthy.  Combining this with the necessity of wearing latex gloves will inevitably lead to skin irritations. It is common to develop a latex allergy to gloves which may even form a type of dermatitis, or even worse, eczema.

The best hand lotion for nurses and other medical specialists is one that protects the hands from the irritants that they come in contact with. A shielding lotion like Gloves In A Bottle was rated #3 on and is very popular amongst all medical professionals.

Wondering why? A Shielding lotion bonds with the outermost layer of skin and once it dries, which only takes a moment or two, it creates a breathable invisible barrier. Keeping the skin protected like this will keep irritants like anti-bacterial soap from penetrating the deeper layers of your skin. The invisible barrier also helps lock natural moisture into the skin which allows skin to heal those deeper layers of skin. If you know a nurse, this is going to be a great recommendation.


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