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The Best Hand Lotion for Nurses

Words By Martina

Hand lotions aren’t just for home use. Many job roles require you to use hand lotion as a necessity due to the nature of the work. Nurses, in particular, spend much of their time washing their hands to keep up essential hygiene practices. You can only imagine how dry and irritated a nurse’s skin can get without an effective moisturizer.

Not All Lotions Are Created Equal

As a nurse, your hands often come in contact with skin irritants such as water, soap, hand sanitizing gels, latex, cleaning products and a variety of medications. All of this constant exposure during your long working hours can wreak havoc on the health of your skin and can lead to unpleasant symptoms such as contact dermatitis.

Some lotions feel great on the skin and give you a false sense of security. The minute you wash your hands, the lotion is washed off and your skin starts to feel dry, tight and irritated again. As a nurse, you don’t always have the opportunity (or the time!) to apply hand lotion each time you wash your hands.

In short, what you need is the right kind of hand lotion.

An effective hand lotion should:

  • Soothe dry and irritated skin
  • Lock in moisture to help keep skin soft and hydrated
  • Help to heal already damaged skin
  • Let your skin breathe naturally
  • Be long-lasting and not wash off easily

Bonus points go to lotions that help protect your hands from external irritants and harsh ingredients while doing all of the above!

A Simple but Effective Solution

Unfortunately, as a nurse – or any profession that requires you to wash your hands frequently – you can’t just stop washing your hands when they get irritated. If only it was that simple! What you need is a long-term solution that will help keep your hands in good health and won’t get in the way of you doing your job.

What you need is a shielding lotion! 

A shielding lotion, such as Gloves in a Bottle, moisturizes and hydrates your skin to keep it healthy. Not only that – remember the bonus points? – a shielding lotion also creates an invisible barrier that not only protects your hands from losing its own natural moisture but also helps to keep external irritants out. A good shielding lotion like Gloves in a Bottle won’t wash off and will only come off as your skin naturally sheds.

As if you needed any more reasons, Gloves in a Bottle is also approved for use in hospitals and operating rooms, making it the best hand lotion for nurses. Let the lotion look after your skin so that you can go back to looking after others.

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