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Dr. Lisa Benest

Dermatologist Lisa Benest

Dr. Lisa Benest Educates on Skin Dermis

“We live in a much more toxic environment today and our skin bears the brunt.”

One of them is exposure to irritants and chemicals in the everyday environment. We live in a much more toxic environment today and our skin bears the brunt. When we are exposed to harsh conditions in the environment it can have a very negative effect on our skin.

The skin is our largest organ – its primary function is to protect the body from pollutants, toxins and irritants. It keeps the bad stuff out. When it loses the ability to do that we are exposed to all that bad stuff. Skin needs the natural oils and moisture it produces to be healthy, but with the stresses our skin is exposed to, these factors are often not present. Dry skin and other skin conditions come about when the protective outer layer is stripped away and irritants and bacteria get into the skin. The reason Shielding Lotions are so effective is that they replace the protective barrier and allow the skin to heal from

Dr. Lisa Benest Lotion Recommendation

Why Shielding Lotions Work?

conventional lotion is not formulated to protect the skin like a Shielding Lotion does. Conventional lotions only add surface moisture to temporarily alleviate the dryness or itching.

Shielding Lotions stay on because they bond with the skin and protect it for long periods of time. With this protection in place your skin keeps its own moisture in and has a chance to use this natural moisture in the deep layers of the skin to heal itself.

We recommend Gloves In A Bottle® dry skin treatment to our patients and we have typically seen them ask for refills. Often our best indicator that the lotion worked effectively is the fact that they did not come back to the office for another visit – the condition cleared right up.”


Dermatologist Approved

Gloves In A Bottle is vegan, dermatology tested and prescribed, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (will not clog pores), cruelty free, and every ingredient is on the FDA's most safe list. Through a series of clinical studies conducted by independent laboratories and hospitals, it has been shown to be so safe that is is approved for all staff use in hospitals, and even in operating rooms.

100% Free From

Gloves In A Bottle is 100% free from all parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), formaldehyde, toluene, propylene glycol, salicylates, gluten, latex, dairy, wheat, soy, peas, corn, animal products, animal testing, added fragrance, colorants, peanuts, and all other nuts.