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Excessive Hand Peeling

Melissa Marsden

We have all experienced a sunburn before which can lead to red hot skin, which in turn leads to excessive peeling skin that can occur on any part of the body. This is a really simple correlation to dry, flaky skin. However it is not always so obvious why your skin might be peeling.

For example, excessive hand peeling is likely not linked to a sunburn or sun exposure at all - and more likely an ongoing skin condition that is triggered by lifestyle. Most people who suffer from excessive skin peeling on their hands are in a profession that requires a demanding amount of hand hygiene. This is the first probable cause. Hands that are exposed to over-washing, especially for health and sanitization purposes are bound to end up dry and cracked. Peeling skin on the hands is simply a result of dry skin. 

In some rare cases, excessive hand peeling may be linked to a different cause - such as exposure to harmful chemicals, psoriasis or exfoliative keratolysis. If the cause is unknown it is always worth seeing your doctor or dermatologist for a professional opinion, especially if the skin starts to burn, create pus or if you are experiencing a fever.  In these rare cases, there might be a need for antibiotics or medication. 

For the far more common causes, your skin simply needs a break or requires better protection. Both of these things can be solved with the use of a shielding lotion or barrier cream. The dermatologist approved and hypoallergenic formulations are designed to provide an invisible barrier on the surface of the skin to do two key things: keep the good stuff in, and keep the bad stuff out. So when you are experiencing excessive peeling of the skin whether it is on your hands, face, or body, regular use of a shielding lotion is going to be a lifesaver.

Gloves In A Bottle has been shown to improve peeling, cracked and dry skin - and even serious cases of psoriasis and eczema which have not been healed with ointments or prescriptions. The reason for this is that shielding lotions allow your skin’s natural healing process to kick in, and have time to work its magic. For more information on how they work, see What Is A Shielding lotion?

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