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Why You Need A Travel Size Hand Cream

Melissa Marsden

Even though it seems like a distant memory, remember when you were able to shake someone’s hand as a way to greet them?  If you’re like most people, there must have been incidents where your hands may not have been in the best condition. They may have been dry, cracked or flaky due to your profession. Or, maybe you were packing your weekend getaway bag and there just wasn’t any room for you to fit that big bottle of hand cream in your bag?  Whatever your story is there are reasons to carry around a travel size hand cream with you. 

Our skin is the body’s largest organ and now more than ever it is important that we take care of it, so it can do its job of protecting us.  We live our lives on an ever-changing cycle where seasons, trends, and habits are constantly moving in and out of focus. Our current cycle is filled with familiar and some new habits of cleanliness.   We are constantly washing and sanitizing our hands and because of this necessary habit it can cause our hands to become damaged and dry. Over washing and sanitizing strips the skin on our hands of the essential oils and moisture it needs to be healthy. 

Since we can’t put a pause on our lives and lock ourselves up in our homes waiting for life to return to normal, we need to find a way to keep our skin healthy while we adjust to our current lifestyle. This is why it is best to carry a travel size hand cream with you while you are out and about running your daily errands.

Carrying a shielding lotion like Gloves In A Bottle with you is one essential step to keeping the skin on your hands healthy. Shielding lotions work differently than regular lotions. Unlike regular moisturizers that just sit on top of your skin, shielding lotions bond with your skin’s outer layer, creating a protective and breathable barrier. The barrier created will help keep harmful irritants out and lock in your body’s own natural moisture and oils. This allows your skin to heal within and to continue to stay healthy.

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