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Barrier Cream

Melissa Marsden

You may ask what’s the difference between a lotion and a barrier cream? There are so many different creams, moisturizers and lotions. The main purpose for a barrier cream is it acts as a barrier against irritation from body fluids. Barrier creams can protect you against acids, cleaning products, solvents, oils and other caustic products. And in the makeup industry it’s recommended to apply the barrier cream before your foundation and toners.  However, barrier creams just sit on the surface of your skin and feel thick and greasy - making them impractical for most people.

Moisturizers vs Barrier Creams

Moisturizers are for rehydrating the outer layer of the skin and are usually a little more thin and watery. Moisturizers are basically a “quick fix” for your skin. When you apply it on your skin it sits on the surface until they wear off.  Barrier creams have been around for many decades, and the most common of them would be petroleum jelly based products. They tend to be a little thicker and meant to protect the skin barrier; however, they easily rub off and are not made to last through the day. 

The better alternative to barrier creams & moisturizers

Dermatologists have been recommending shielding lotions as an alternative to barrier creams for years now - and the word is getting around.  Shielding lotions, unlike barrier creams,  bond with the outer layer of your skin and helps keep out toxins while locking in that moisture and natural oils your skin needs to keep hydrated! Gloves In A Bottle is a great option for a shielding lotion and at a great cost. Gloves In A Bottle does not clog your pores, helps with dermatitis, eczema and every ingredient is on the FDA’s safe list – how can you beat that? For more information on Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion please visit

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