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The Pros and Cons of Eczema Gloves

Melissa Marsden

Experiencing dry, itchy skin is irritating to say the least. But severe skin conditions like eczema, hand eczema and psoriasis can make everyday activities difficult to do. In the United States, eczema affects over 35 million people and is generally treated with heavy prescription ointments that are costly, and sometimes do not work.

These days, people are looking for non-medicinal solutions to counteract ailments like eczema, and one popular solution has been eczema gloves. Eczema gloves are generally made with cotton or bamboo and are great at treating hand eczema. The reason for this is that when you are wearing eczema gloves you are protected from scratching or contact dermatitis. They are comfortably soft, and have been developed to keep your hands cool.

But, there is a big con to wearing eczema gloves, and that is the lack of tactility, proper grip and the nuisance of having to clean them regularly. Any kind of gloves, whether it be cotton, latex or bamboo eczema gloves are going to get in the way of a normal life.

That is why shielding lotions are the better solution in repairing, providing instant relief, and overall healing hand eczema. A shielding lotion, like Gloves In A Bottle, is formulated to work similarly to eczema gloves in that it forms an invisible shield on the surface of your skin. It repairs your skin’s natural barrier, and therefore gives your hands the environment to heal. How do they do this? The ingredients are botanical and anti-inflammatory, but this is only the start of it. Shielding lotions will prevent irritants from absorbing into your skin, and lock in oils and moisture where they belong. Nothing heals your skin faster and better than the naturally occurring oils we produce. That is why Gloves In A Bottle is recommended first, before eczema gloves, by leading dermatologists across America.

eczema gloves in a bottle

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