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Isn’t it time you found a cruelty free eczema lotion?

Melissa Marsden

Many of us are keen to find solutions to our health challenges that are far better for the environment, and for other living things. The general public is more interested in brands and companies that are taking steps forward to sustainability for the betterment of the greater good. Things like cruelty free, natural ingredients, recyclable packaging and the like are now part of the choices we make when picking the right products and brands for us. Companies like Gloves In A Bottle are pathing the way, and starting with small choices which fit with the needs of their audience.

Gloves In A Bottle founders know that they have a long path ahead of them in terms of building a sustainable business; however, they have some of the basics already in place. Most importantly, they have a formulation that is cruelty free, along with being free from other harsh chemicals and toxins that are regularly found in large cosmetics companies.

best cruelty free eczema lotion for dry skin

For people who suffer with serious skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema it can be significantly more important to use safe ingredients and finding a natural, cruelty free eczema lotion can be hard in the pool of products you might discover online.

But the shielding lotion at Gloves In A Bottle is one of those products. It delivers a formulation that is 100% safe, and has been dermatologically approved and tested for even the most sensitive skin. It is a 93% natural, cruelty free eczema lotion. 

Gloves In A Bottle is used by all walks of life, but it is very popular with veterinarians, and fisherman who are constantly working with animals as part of their life’s work. Their hands are exposed to all sorts of harsh chemicals, and excess hand washing, which can lead to cracked and dry skin.  For animal lovers like vets, cruelty free is not a preference, it is a mandate – and so our cruelty free eczema lotion is highly popular with this professional group.

cruelty free eczema lotion

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