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Best Lotion for Diabetic Dry Skin

Melissa Marsden

If you know anyone with diabetes, then you would know that diabetic dry skin is one of the worst kinds. Diabetes can cause skin, especially the skin of your feet to be dry. The high blood glucose levels are known to pull or absorb fluids from your body. And the number one cause of dry skin is dehydration. 

Having said this, the best lotion for diabetic dry skin would have to be a lotion that helps to restore lost hydration and one that locks in the naturally occurring moisture in one’s body. In a culture of over washing, and over sanitizing we are only dehydrating our skin more, which leads to all kinds of skin conditions. For many decades, the skin industry has researched and formulated lotions and moisturizers, but most of these have only led to temporary relief of dry skin.

Speaking to the founder of Gloves In A Bottle, Dan Mueller, we discuss why a shielding lotion would be the best lotion for diabetic dry skin, and he explains that it is the formulation’s unique ability to create an invisible matrix that is instantly formed. Meaning, for someone who uses their hands regularly (which is most of us) it is incredibly practical as there is absolutely no greasy feeling remaining.

He recommends everyone giving the product a try for at least 2-3 weeks with regular applications, and he promises a money back guarantee for anyone who does not see the results they expected. Gloves In A Bottle is recommended by dermatologists all over the country and regularly prescribed for all skin types, as it is safe enough to use even in a surgical room.

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