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Kids Eczema Gloves

Melissa Marsden

Children, it is amazing how resilient their bodies are but they are not indestructible.  Kids just like adults are susceptible to skin conditions like eczema.  Actually a child’s skin is even more sensitive compared to adult’s skin. Part of the reason is that our skin barrier gets thicker as we get older, so young children start off with very thin proactive layers. Since their skin barrier is so delicate, it makes their skin more sensitive and prone to conditions like eczema.

A commonly used item for eczema for children is kids eczema gloves. The purpose of these gloves are to keep kids from itching and playing with the scabs/rash, which can cause more damage to their skin.  Kids eczema gloves are usually lined with an ointment to help relieve some of the irritation and pain caused by the symptoms.  While this could be an option for older kids, it is hard to imagine children wearing kids eczema gloves everyday all day.  Children are busy, messy and they are always touching things and putting their hands in their mouths. The amount of glove changing that may come with all that could lead to an expensive solution.  In addition, there are children who will not tolerate wearing necessities like clothes, so adding another clothing type item like gloves could cause a mental breakdown in your child.

There is no cure for eczema but Gloves In A Bottle is an option to help treat it. Since Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion it creates a barrier that will protect the skin from further irritation and this will allow your child to continue to play normally.  It also moisturizes the skin and since there is this protective barrier it keeps the moisture in the skin. This allows the moisture to get into the deeper layers of skin.  Gloves In A Bottle also works with the body’s naturally created oils to help heal the skin. Once you start replacing and locking moisture into the effected or irritated areas of the skin this will start allowing the skin to heal and stay healthy.

kids eczema gloves

Gloves In A Bottle ingredients are on the FDAs most safe list so it is safe to apply to a child’s skin as needed throughout their busy day.  It also won’t wash off. This product stays put when you need it to but it will come off naturally throughout the day as your skin naturally exfoliates on its own.

Eczema can feel troublesome with a child but Gloves In A Bottle can help you and your child find some relief during an eczema flare up.

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