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To Shea Butter or Not to Shea Butter. That is the Question.

Melissa Marsden

Shea butter for eczema has been a common home remedy for years. It is completely understandable since it has been said to help with the itching and swelling that comes along with most eczema.  It is also a common ingredient in so many different moisturizers that there must be some benefit from using it.  

As stated before there are reasons to use shea butter for eczema there are also reasons to avoid using it on your skin.  People who have naturally oily skin may find that using shea butter, which is naturally a fatty seed product, can cause them to breakout and end up with acne on their face and body.  Even though eczema symptoms include feeling dry and flaky, using excessive amounts of shea butter on your skin could cause the surrounding areas of the dry eczema patches to break out – we certainly don’t want to cause more trouble for already sensitive skin.  Since shea butter’s texture is naturally very thick this allows it to create a barrier on the skin but as it is made from seed fats, this may not allow your skin to breathe that well and will make it feel greasy.

Shea butter in comparison to Gloves In A Bottle. 

Yes, both products moisturize the skin. Yes, both products create a barrier on the skin. And finally yes,  both products have been used to help with treating eczema at home.  However shea butter does not have enough reliable evidence to present long term benefits of using it or,  whether it is safe to use for an extended time period.  Also like most beauty ingredients, shea butter is available in different grades/levels and unless you are buying raw shea butter, you could be investing in a product that has fare more chemicals in it, with a small percentage of shea butter (enough to be able to claim its presence). This factor alone can cause your skin to react negatively to a product.  Gloves In A Bottle’s ingredients are on the FDA’s most safe list and it has been consistent with its high standard of safe ingredients for years. 

shea butter for eczema

Gloves In A Bottle has been proven to create a breathable barrier on the skin that doesn’t clog pores. It locks moisture into the layers of your skin and works with your body’s natural oils to help promote healthy skin.  Since it works with your body and promotes natural healing it’s a great option for eczema sufferers.

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