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Industrial Barrier Cream

Melissa Marsden

For generations, barrier creams have been commonly used to protect the hands of workers in industrial type fields, from external contaminants and irritants. Gloves In A Bottle actually originated as the product of a gold miner who needed a more reliable, and practical solution to wearing heavy-duty gloves, that at times would still tear and leave his hands exposed. The inspiration was to find a non-greasy, quick absorbent lotion that would protect his hands from toxic chemicals, and other irritant exposure. When the formula was developed, he was sure to produce a safe formula that was approved by dermatologists for all walks of life, including children.

Professionals such as nurses, hairdressers, food scientists or food processors, cleaners, painters, builders, firefighters or metal workers have relied on protective creams, industrial barrier creams or shielding lotions to create a glove-like barrier from the workplace substances they might be exposed to.

Nowadays, these industrial barrier creams are becoming household names. Seeing the recommendations and testimonials from hundreds of nurses and other professionals is great testament to the product’s delivery and performance. The company has also expanded into face care with its gentle, plant-based formula called Skin MD Natural. This is more popular for young adults, and people who suffer from acne, breakouts and rosacea.

industrial barrier cream

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