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The Weather May Change; But Your SPF Shouldn't

Melissa Marsden

We all dream about those warm summer days. These are the days where people flock to the beach, lake or the family pool for some fun in the sun.  It is also probably the only time we ever consider skin care products that have sunscreens in them. But the truth is, UV exposure can cause damage to our skin whether it is summer or not. And protecting our skin is one of the greatest jobs we have.

Winter UV factors sometimes can be higher than other months of the year, and cloud coverage is not going to protect you either. Even during the fall and winter months, the sun can still cause damage to your skin. Ever been to the snow? Did you know the sun can reflect off of the snow and reflect up to 90% of UV radiation? This amount of UV exposure is almost double than what your skin should be exposed to.  Even overcast fall days can put your skin at risk for high levels of UV radiation, this is because the sun’s beams reflect off of the clouds and can become a more focused form of exposure.

Another common mistake is that people will apply sunscreens all over their face and body, but forget the backs of their hands - which are more consistently exposed to these elements. Now, most hand lotions do not have SPF; however, if you are lucky enough to find one then using a hand cream with SPF is a great way to get protection from the sun and to also add moisture back into the skin.

This is exactly why Gloves In A Bottle formulated a product with SPF 15 - so that you can add that moisture you’re looking for while also protecting your skin from the sun. Another perk of using a shielding lotion is that it creates a barrier on your skin to keep it from being irritated by local weather like hot summer days or cold winter evenings.  It truly is a year round product.

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