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Dermatitis from Hand Washing

Melissa Marsden

Our hands can suffer from various rashes as we use our hands in numerous ways throughout the day. The itchiness and blistering or cracked skin can really interrupt our daily activities. But these days, the solutions are plentiful – with natural home remedies, plant-based ointments, over-the-counter medications, and simple lotions.

Especially noticeable during the colder months of the year, the lowered humidity levels can worsen these symptoms. Contact dermatitis is diagnosed to include symptoms like dry, cracked, painful skin anywhere on the skin, but is commonly found on the hands due to frequent washing and exposure to various chemicals in our environment.

Excessive use of harsh soaps and cleaning products, as well as frequent handwashing, dry heat, and the loss of moisture will all cause these dry skin symptoms. To avoid dermatitis from hand washing, it is important to use mild, and moisturizing soaps. Additionally, using milder sanitizers that are less irritating throughout the day will make hands visibly healthier.

Many people will turn to steroid creams and expensive prescription cortisone creams to help relieve severe cases; however, board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Lisa Benest,  suggests using a lotion that creates a barrier-like shield to protect your hands from the outside world – and also to lock in the naturally occurring oils which essentially are the best healing ingredients. Products like Gloves In A Bottle have been found to heal cases of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and are far less expensive than other prescription creams.

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