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Can Wearing Gloves with Lotion Overnight Heal Your Winter Skin?

Melissa Marsden

Colder weather is on the horizon and so is the season for dry and cracked skin.  During the colder months, dry skin becomes an especially common issue. The winter weather is much drier because there is less moisture in the air compared to the warm summer months and this causes the water in your skin to evaporate more quickly; this is what causes that tight, dry and chapped winter skin. 

If your hands have ever suffered from out of control  “winter skin” then at some point you may have been told to smother your hands in some thick hand cream or petroleum jelly and then to put a pair of gloves on over your hands to wear overnight. The idea of this is to let the product sit on your hands for an extended time period so it can get moisture into the deeper levels of your skin and rehydrate your skin. This method has been known to work, but for some people it only offers short term relief; this leaves most of them in an endless cycle of lotion with gloves at night and mornings filled with excessive hand washing to remove excess product from their hands.  Excessive hand washing also counteracts the effects of wearing gloves at night since most household soaps and cleaners are filled with moisture stripping chemicals. A vicious unfavorable cycle. 

Best way to keep winter skin from happening is to keep your skin hydrated, starting well before the cold weather hits. A good way to start is to make sure you are drinking enough water throughout your day. If you struggle with this maybe try downloading an app on your phone with water drinking reminders built into it.  Another way to keep your skin hydrated is to start using a shielding lotion like Gloves In A Bottle. 

Gloves In A Bottle bonds with your outer layer of skin creating a protective barrier that helps keep outside irritants out and helps lock moisture into the skin. This will keep the winter weather from robbing your skin of all the hydration it needs to stay healthy this season.

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