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Eczema Gloves for Toddlers: Your Baby needs glove-protected hands too!

Melissa Marsden

Has eczema  been causing your toddler sleepless nights? Are you worried about the uneven skin patches on your adorable child?

Eczema, like we all know is common in children, it leaves the skin rough, itchy and irritated. It usually affects them in the elbow, neck, ankle and feet.

There are substances that can cause eczema on a child’s skin to flare

  • Irritants such as detergents, skin infections, dry skin, heat and emotional stress.
  • Allergens such as dust, molds.

Just like Eczema Gloves for Toddler

The benefit of using Gloves In A Bottle is that it is just like eczema gloves for toddlers, but without the frustration of getting them on (and keeping them on).  Gloves In A Bottle works to create a safe shield on the surface of your toddler’s skin, preventing it from external irritants that are causing the eczema. This barrier protection helps to relief the existing eczema, but also effectively prevents future outbreaks.

Watch them play without having to deal with the pain of an eczema rash. Our specially formulated skin protection coating acts as an invisible shield for your toddler’s skin preventing them from multiple skin infections. It has been formulated with the support of board certified dermatologists who approve the formula for children as young as 6 months.

Parents can rest assure that the formula is free from commonly found toxins and chemicals, and only uses ingredients on the FDA’s most safe list. Free from fragrances, dyes and allergens, the shielding lotion is a gentle solution to an irritating problem.

eczema gloves for toddlers

Tips to help with toddler eczema

Make sure not to over-wash their skin, and use only Luke-warm water. Change your soaps and other products for sensitive, or natural products that use only few ingredients. Wear only light, breathable clothes that do not stick to the skin, and make sure to apply Gloves In A Bottle to their little hands when necessary. Only a pea-size amount is plenty and lasts for hours.

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