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Hand Cream vs Lotion, Which Do You Choose?

Melissa Marsden

When you’re out shopping I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are tons of different types of lotions out on the market. Face lotions, body lotions, foot lotions just to name a few. Have you ever wondered if there really is a difference between them? I mean you would think that you could just grab a bottle and go and use it for whatever you need it for. Actually there is a difference between these products that are specially designed for specified areas of the body. Most of them have formulas that would work great in the area they were created for but could in the long run cause skin discomfort and problems if used outside of their intended purpose.

Let’s start with hand creams. Most hand creams on the market are of a thicker consistency and have quick absorption time. They are like this because your hands are constantly being stripped of moisture and oils that your skin needs to be healthy so they are designed to get into your skin as quick as possible so your skin can absorb whatever moisture it needs.

Now you wouldn’t want to use a hand cream on your face. Since hands creams are made the way they are they’re not the best solution for the pores on your face. Most hand creams would probably cause the pores on your face to become clogged which could cause acne and blackheads.  Face creams and lotions are usually created to help issues like this since they are light weight and are filled with ingredients to correct and prevent these problems.

Body lotion products generally come in a lighter consistency compared to hand lotions.  Body lotions are also designed to absorb more slowly into the skin.  They also usually require a little less work to get into your skin. Since Hand creams are thicker it would be harder to get it absorbed in to areas of the skin where your skin isn’t as thick as your hands.

hand cream vs lotion

Gloves In A Bottle is a great option for your hands, face, and body since it is a non pore clogging, skin moisturizing shielding lotion that is designed to work with your body to moisturize and protect it. The ingredients in this product are perfectly formulated to create balanced healthy skin.

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