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What is psoriasis gloves and is there an alternative?

Melissa Marsden

Psoriasis shows itself a skin condition, but it is suspected to be an immune system problem. Typical illnesses such as infections, stress and a cold can trigger the onset of psoriasis. The most common symptom is like a rash on the skin, and can even involve parts of the nails and joints. It is generally noticeable and irritating to have, especially when it is psoriasis on hands. Our hands generally taken for granted but they are truly one of the most important cogs in our daily activity and work.

psoriasis gloves

Although there are many varieties of treatments for psoriasis, then isnt yet a proven cure. So many Americans suffer from the symptoms of psoriasis and are prescribed with expensive ointments to help the itch and pain it causes.

Some of these treatments do help, and others are a waste of money. One fairly extreme treatment is psoriasis gloves, which are a common pair of cotton gloves made specifically for sensitive skin. The idea is that they protect your hands, like a pair of gloves from the external environment, and give your hands a chance to heal. Some of them are also treated with calming, or anti-inflammatory essential oils or ingredients. Although psoriasis gloves are helpful, they can get in the way of normal activity, and also make it difficult to have the tactile sensation you need to hold, open or cut things.

A better solution, as recommended by Dr. Peter Helton, is Gloves In A Bottle, which works in a similar way. Shielding lotions like Gloves In A Bottle are made to act just like psoriasis gloves in that they create an invisible shield on the surface of your skin to create a barrier between the environment and your hands. They also lock in natural oils and moisture where they belong.

So before trying psoriasis gloves, give a shielding lotion like Gloves In A Bottle a try first. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee as we believe in our product, and we genuinely want to help you find relief.

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