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Does Paraffin Wax Help Cracked Hands?

Melissa Marsden

Treating your hands with paraffin wax may help you create an extra layer that retains the skin’s natural oils. A blend of paraffin wax proves to be effective in soothing and softening your hands and feet through healing the dry and cracked skin.

Does Paraffin Wax Help Cracked Hands

Spas and nail salons offer paraffin treatments for cracked hands and feet. The attendants will dip your hands and feet in a small tub containing heated paraffin wax with a scent of essential oils. Place your hands on the wrapping of wax-covered in a hot towel. After that, relax and let your skin enjoy the best treatment. The role of paraffin wax is to help cracked hands by trapping the heat from your skin, creating a soothing feeling opening the pores of your skin. 

On the other hand it is important to understand the negative affects of paraffin wax treatments. Firstly, it is a petroleum based product and therefore it is harmful especially when ingested. It is also known to clog pores which does not aid in the health of our skin. More serious concerns include the serious exposure to toluene and benzene which are the by products of the petroleum based paraffin wax. This can cause headaches and is a known carcinogen. 

Does Paraffin Wax Help Cracked Hands

This is why it is highly important to understand the products you use, and the ingredients. Gloves In A Bottle has a 100% Money Back Guarantee as it stands by its products. With a 100% free from toxins policy, and a formula made from 93% natural botanicals, it is safe for the whole family. 

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