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Bulk Hand Lotion

Melissa Marsden

Hand lotions usually come in compact bottles, tubes and jars so that they are just enough product for one individual use. Many even come in teeny tiny cute travel-size bottles that can be taken on trips, or fit perfectly in your handbag. This is all perfect for the individual consumer market; however, hand lotions are now available in bulk to serve the professional fields as well.

bulk hand lotion

Bulk hand lotions are most often sold in gallon size pump bottles, or can be a multi-pack of products that offer a generous discount when purchased together. Professionals in the medical industry such as hospital staff, veterinarian, private practice medical staff are all regular users of hand lotions as a second step, and a counter action to the excessive hand washing and sanitisation. Companies such as Gloves In A Bottle, and Skin MD Natural who service these industries already, have professional packages, and custom made bundles that offer industry discounts and bulk-buying discounts for bulk hand lotion buyers.

The most popular professional grade product for Gloves In A Bottle is the 1 Gallon which is retailed for $160. This makes it a $120 saving versus buying the equivalent amount in bottles. But of course, being a bulk size this is not for everyone.

With over 10,000 doctors and nurse recommendations, this professional grade bulk hand lotion is perfect for any office space, fire station, police station, grocery store, gardening center, art center, hair salon, nail salon, and the list goes on.

Try a small bottle first, before committing – but this is one economical hand lotion.

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