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Gloves for Psoriasis on Hands

Melissa Marsden

Physically, your hands only really make up 5% of your body. But if you think about it, you use your hands the most out of any body part on the body. That’s why we need to take care of our hands first and foremost. Psoriasis can definitely cause pain and affect your daily routines such as working, working out, driving, cooking, etc. The first signs of psoriasis are cracked or split skin, redness, swelling, scaly skin, and blistering.

You may think you need gloves for psoriasis on your hands but actually you need to let your psoriasis breathe.  Moisturizing is your best option. Always keeping it hydrated will help with the redness and itchiness a lot as well.  Sometimes the triggers for psoriasis are drinking alcohol, smoking, dry weather, stress, illness, and skin injuries. If you have a sensitive immune system you might experience more frequent flare ups as part of your psoriasis.

Most people think psoriasis is contagious – but it’s not. Psoriasis is caused by your immune system fighting off a virus or bacteria from your body. Don’t be ashamed of psoriasis. More than 40% of people have it. You can always ask a friend or family member how they cope with it, you can never have too many remedies. Unfortunately there is no cure for psoriasis yet but there are a lot of ways you can maintain it. Gloves in a Bottle Shielding Lotion is a great moisturizer to help stop your psoriasis from breaking out and it’s an over the counter product which makes everything easier.

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