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10 Must-Haves for Your Purse or Handbag

Katya Sobol

Let’s admit it, dry hands are the worst. We’re all guilty of forgetting to apply hand lotion before leaving the house. How many times have you looked for your bottle of hand lotion while you’re in the car, at a restaurant, at someone’s house - rummaging through your purse certain that you brought some with you. Especially during this time with COVID-19, we are washing our hands constantly and reapplying hand sanitizers 24/7. So a travel size hand lotion should be included in your purse at all times. 

Purse chaos!

Purses can often turn into a huge mess and it becomes excess baggage. And carrying around that extra weight all day – no thank you.

Here are some necessary items you need in your purse:

  • Cell phone - keep it in a pocket that is separate from the rest of the bag so it is convenient to grab if needed quickly
  • Hand wipes – you never know when you might need to wipe something down and clean your hands, especially if you’re a parent.
  • Sunglasses – and make sure they are in a case to prevent any scratching.
  • Makeup bag – blotting power, lipstick, lip balm – keep it simple and basic.
  • Medicine – some pain relievers, allergy medicine, Band-Aids, etc.
  • Lotion – keep your hands and body moisturized! Gloves In A Bottle is a great travel-sized hand lotion and under $10! Check it out here
  • Hand Sanitizer – sanitize before you eat - you don't always have soap & water handy.
  • Face mask – you know the drill by now - keep yourself and others safe
  • Wallet – make sure to always keep this safe and zipped up
  • Keys – keep your keys light, this causes a lot of weight in purses – resort to one keychain if possible

It’s all about keeping your purse organized. If you assign a place for it – put it back there. Small bags for stuff you do not use or need ASAP will keep it less messy and you will be able to find it much easier.

Good luck and go clean out that purse or backpack of yours.

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