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Is Gloves In A Bottle® a vegan lotion?

Katya Sobol

Is Gloves In A Bottle® a vegan hand lotion? Yes, better yet, it is a vegan Shielding Lotion™! Perfect for dry skin on your hands and body. Not only is Gloves In A Bottle® composed of natural ingredients that are on the FDA’s most Safe list, but it is also 100% cruelty-free – don’t worry Spot, that dry skin lotion your mom/dad is wearing did not come at the cost of your long lost cousin.

vegan hand lotion

Vegan Hand and Body Shielding Lotion™

In a society such as this where lotions to help heal dry skin for good, are commonly made with lanoline, tallow, and even gelatin, it can be difficult to find a basic hand and body lotion that heals your dry skin and does not infringe on your Vegan lifestyle. In my experience, it can be even harder to find a Shielding Lotion™. Gloves in a Bottle® is made with plant-based ingredients, such as glycerin and xanthan gum, perfect for helping keep your dry skin hydrated, and keeping it healed.

cruelty free hand lotion


Gloves In A Bottle® is not only vegan in ingredients, but cruelty-free in practice. Testing our products on real people to make sure that animals are left out of the equation and that our product is as safe as possible! I hate having purchased items only to research that they have harmed animals’ lives, so rest assured that Gloves In A Bottle® Shielding Lotion for your hands and body, is vegan and cruelty-free!

Gloves In A Bottle®

Where can you find Gloves In A Bottle® Shielding Lotion™? There are many locations in America and even some in Canada! Please make sure to check out our Store Locator to find a location near you. Not finding a store nearby? No need to fret, order online! Orders over $24 give you free shipping! Because honestly, why wait? When you are suffering from dry skin.

Take part in keeping animals out of testing, please order a bottle Gloves In A Bottle® Shielding Lotion™, it’s great for your hands, body, and conscience!

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