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Treatment for Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Katya Sobol

Effective skin care for those with allergies is a constant battle

Approximately 80% of all dermatitis incidents are the result of contact with skin irritants that the individual is not actually allergic to. However, in 10% – 20% of dermatitis cases incidents are brought on as a direct result of severe allergic reactions. While this number is far less substantial than non-allergic dermatitis, the billions of dollars spent on healthcare and lost workdays makes it significant both economically and personally. More and more doctors are now recommend shielding lotion as the most effective skin care treatment for a variety of skin conditions, including allergic contact dermatitis. The list of the most common allergens is relatively small, but individuals working in a wide range of industries are affected. Poison oak and poison ivy can affect firemen, maintenance workers, park and forestry workers, and those who work in other outdoor industries. Epoxy resins are common in most technical industries, and can affect cable installers , electricians, tile fitters, carpet installers and plumbers, to name a few. Nickel affects dental technicians, mechanics, jewelry and ceramic workers, cashiers, battery makers, electroplaters, miners, refiners and those who work with computers, electronics and textiles. Chromate and dichromate salts can affect anyone who works with batteries, arc welders, professions involving paints and dyes, leather tanners and lithographers. Acrylics are a problem for printers, dentists, denture maker and orthopedic surgeons. Topical medications can be a problem for anyone, but medical personnel and pharmacists undergo constant exposure. Many people in these industries use a wide range of skin care products and most are always on the lookout for a more effective skin care treatment. To complicate matters, a sensitivity to one of these substances can induce sensitivity to others resulting in a never-ending search for skin care treatment products that themselves do not cause a reaction. The development of shielding lotion was inspired by a desire to create a skin care treatment product to help those who work with harsh, caustic and irritating chemicals. A good shielding lotion bonds with the outer layer of the skin to retain natural oils and moisture while keeping out chemicals. Those with allergies to these substances would be wise to give it a try. It may be just the skin care treatment they’re looking for.

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