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Skincare Routines That Don’t Work!

Gloves In A Bottle

I just got into skincare, it’s only taken me 21 years, but here we are. Hopefully, my skin is not damaged beyond repair. With that in mind, I started to research which routines worked and which did not. In this article, we are going over skincare routines that don’t work!

charcoal facemask

Charcoal Face Mask

I don’t know about you, but I hate black-heads! Those pesky clogged hair follicles that create a large black bump on my face? Not a fan. So, when the Charcoal Face Peel came out, I was in an absolute frenzy. I needed to add the Charcoal face peel to my skincare routine and get rid of my pesky blackheads. I may have been excited about this new skincare procedure, but after watching a few videos I noticed a trend; The victims of this mask suffered intense pain when removing the mask. Little did we know, in removing the Charcoal mask we were not only removing our blackheads, but the top layer of our dermis, and sebaceous filament – a gland in your hair follicles that produce an oil called sebum. Sebum is great, but too much or too little can cause annoying skin problems (Dry skin and acne). Although it may have been satisfying to see the results of your new skin care mask, in reality, this new skincare routine made your skin vulnerable to the elements, and if frequently used could cause more future skin problems. An overabundance of sebum isn’t nice to look at but is this charcoal skincare routine really worth the pain and potential problem?

lemon juice

Lemon Juice

Whenever I am sick I take lemon and honey, lemon has natural antibiotic qualities (and well honey just tastes good) – why wouldn’t lemon be good for my face? Enriching my skin with vitamin C sounds like a darn good skincare routine to me! Wrong again, unfortunately, Lemon Juice is not my skincare calling – and not yours for that matter either. Although it has natural healing properties, lemon is highly acidic and can cause permanent damage to your skin, causing skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, and sensitivity to the sun.

skin bleaching

Skin Bleaching

No, this was not something I wanted to try (Personally find this kind of racist), but that is a whole other article. In my venture of workable skincare procedures, I came across skin bleaching. People bleach their skin for numerous reasons, one of the more ethical reasons is to even your skin tone. Regardless of your reason to bleach your skin, this skincare addition can do more harm than good. Because you are lightening your skin, you are reducing the melanin in your skin, this will create a higher risk of sunburn which can cause Sun Spots and Skin Cancer. Some side effects are blistering, skin cracking and blue-black darkening of the skin.

In conclusion

There are many new and upcoming skincare routines in the world. Always make sure to research a great deal before applying any solution to your skin. Similarly, to medication, it might be good to wait a few months to see what other people say about it.

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