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Is Exercising Good for Your Skin?

Katya Sobol

Is exercising good for your skin? Being the couch potato that I am, I would like to say that it wasn’t. However, according to research, which I have neatly typed up for you’re in these following paragraphs, my worst nightmare is true! Exercising promotes skin elasticity, can help clear acne by sweating out bacteria from your pores and by circulating nutrients from your blood around your body.


Blood Pumping – Skin Glowing

Blood may be scary, but we need it to survive and we need it to circulate well to remain healthy. When you exercise your heart slowly but surely gains speed and pumps blood which is nutrient-rich around your body. If you do not exercise often parts of your body, skin included will suffer from lack of blood circulation and cause darkness around your eyes, dry skin, and skin spots! Exercising helps your skin retains its elasticity and keeps a healthy glow.

Sweating in Sauna

Sweating for good

Just like how exercise circulates your blood helping rid you and your body of impurities, sweating helps pump out the bad bacteria through your pores. Consider acne, it is a clogged pore filled with all sorts of nasties, sweating is pushing those bad bacteria out of your pores! Ever wonder why sweat smells so bad? Although sweating can help clear your skin of acne, it is vital to wash your skin (Face in particular) to make sure the recently surfaced bacteria does not rehome itself back into your pores. Sweating is gross but helps with overall skin health!


Water good – Dehydration bad

Exercising can be seen as one big cycle of riding yourself of impurities, but that doesn’t go without saying that too much or done improperly can cause negative effects. Exercising without keeping track of how much water you are drinking is as damaging internally as it is out. Activities such as smoking dries out the face, imagine working out for an hour, sweating out a “bucket-full,” and not replenishing yourself! You need water to keep your skin moisturized and to help keep elasticity.

Good ole stress relief

Exercising is a challenge, especially if you are just starting out. However, even minimal exercise has been proven to help reduce stress! Acne can be brought on by several things such as hormones, dirty skin, and well, stress. They are still unsure why stress induces acne breakouts, but they have observed that a chemical released when you are stress causes your pores to create more oil making a perfect breeding ground for acne. Exercising not only helps keep your skin clear but helps resist acne outbreaks from stress!

I agree, exercising is hard, it’s annoying, it’s stressful but totally worth it!

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