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Salon Hand Lotion to the Rescue!

Words By Martina

Working in a salon means your hands are constantly exposed to less than ideal conditions. It doesn’t take a genius to know that when your hands are constantly working in an environment filled with water, chemicals and extreme heat, the skin is bound to get dry, irritated and damaged. The good news is that with salon hand lotion, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Importance of Healthy Hands for Hairdressers

Anyone who works with their hands knows how important it is to keep them in optimal health. This is particularly important for hairdressers and hair stylists whose hands are constantly visible and near their clients’ faces. Having skin problems as a hairdresser can be a cause for concern because not only can it be painful and irritating, it can look unprofessional, affect your confidence and you can even pass skin infections on to your clients through direct contact.

Whether you’re a hairdresser or a client in a salon, have you ever thought about all the things that a hairdresser's hands go through on a daily basis? It’s no wonder that their hands are extremely susceptible to dry and irritated skin, skin infections and occupational skin disease.

Causes of Skin Problems Working in a Salon

Let’s look at some of the daily routines that can irritate a hairdresser’s hands and cause skin problems:

  • Constant washing of hands to keep them clean
  • Contact with shampoos and conditioners
  • Working with chemical dyes, bleaches and toners
  • Prolonged contact with gloves
  • Exposure to aerosols and hairstyling products
  • Constant friction with scissors, brushes, foil and hair
  • Skin kept in damp conditions when working with wet hair
  • Exposure to hot hair from blow dryers and hair straighteners

It’s clear to see why in one study, over 72% of hairdressers and cosmetologists were found to suffer from contact dermatitis.¹ Not only does working with all the products and chemicals irritate and damage the skin, the constant contact with water is enough to cause damage and discomfort as well. It’s not only the hands that are affected, the skin on the arms can also be exposed to all the chemicals and irritants.

What’s a Salon Hand Lotion?

Some hairdressers will wear protective gloves but many will have found out already that  these protective gloves can cause the skin to be irritated further. They can also get in the way of their craft. It seems like there is no getting away from occupational skin problems as a hairdresser.

But there is!

Using a shielding lotion is a good way to protect your skin when you know it’s going to come into contact with irritants that you can’t avoid. A shielding lotion like Skin MD Natural is the ideal salon hand lotion that creates an invisible layer on the top of your skin that allows your skin to breathe naturally but stops irritants from getting into the deeper layers of your skin to cause irritation. Even with the constant contact with water, it won’t wash off and comes off naturally as your skin sheds. This will help to keep your hands protected but also moisturized so that they don’t become dry, cracked or itchy. The shielding lotion can also be applied to the arms to give you extra protection.

Don’t let irritated skin get in the way of your career and your professionalism. Use a salon hand lotion that will protect and heal your skin and say goodbye to contact dermatitis. 


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