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Safety Gloves; Hidden Danger

Gloves In A Bottle

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you needed to use gloves to protect your hands? Not like the cute, soft, wool mittens Californians wear for fashion rather than for warmth, but gloves for your average utilitarian. You know that friend who is really into arts and crafts, or the Do-it-yourselfer, or even your cool Nurse friend! Point is: A lot of people use gloves in their everyday from cooking, to cleaning, or even saving lives – but are they really good enough to protect your skin from the dangers outside?

What’s the Deal with Gloves?

Sure – even I use gloves, my gardening father uses gloves, I come from a long line of glove wearers – heck even my artsy mother uses gloves! But as of late I’ve come to realize that they aren’t enough! Did you know that the longer you wear a latex glove the more prone you are to contracting a Latex Allergy? Did you know that around the world there are over 13 million people that are affected by a Latex Allergy and the US (Although it has been declining since the 90’s) has approximately 7,000 new cases annually? You can get the allergy by wearing one for too long, this weakens the latex material and allows the toxic accelerators out into your skin, or into the air you breath causing the allergy, but that’s not all. Some gloves, latex or not, are lined with a donning powder (For ease of insertion) which can cause Contact Dermatitis (Insert link article on Dermatitis)! Our product prevents the fear of the potential Latex Allergy, even if you already have one, as it is a Shielding Lotion, it will keep the Latex off of your skin because it acts as a second layer of skin.

What about Nitrile?

“But what about Nitrile, or Vinyl gloves?” Definitely an alternative, especially if you have a Latex Allergy these replacements seem perfect – until you realize that they too have accelerators within their makeup. Although uncommon, Nitrile and Vinyl gloves are still known to cause allergic reactions. Even without the fact that these gloves carry accelerators, sometimes accidents happen and the gloves tear; or water, cleaning detergents, or chemicals get inside of your gloves, then what? Your skin is now fully exposed to whatever has been unleashed past your supposed barrier. Not to hate on gloves, I think they are incredibly helpful but in the long run are not enough. They are supposed to be creating a second layer of skin, instead they are creating a second layer of skin damage. But don’t worry, if you have been affected by these troubles Shielding Lotions™ work with your skin preventing more irritants into your skin, and allowing your skin to heal itself.

Second guesses?

If you are at all second guessing that most glove material beings breaking apart after so many uses: There was a case study where 43 hairdressers performed two rounds of hair washing while using the same pair of gloves, while those studying used a UV light to see if the chemical left traces on their skin even after wearing gloves. After they had finished washing the hair the results were that 100% of the hairdressers were contaminated by the chemicals within the product, despite the gloves. Using Shielding Lotion™ as a second line of defense can easily prevent chemicals from coming into contact with your dermis in case of glove failure.

What should I do?

Look no further than Gloves In A Bottle® – Shielding Lotion™. A Shielding Lotion™ is a lotion that bonds with the outer layer of skin cells, enhancing the skin’s ability to retain natural oils and moisture, assisting the skin’s ability to protect against irritants, harsh soaps and other common household and cosmetic products that strip moisture out of the skin. Our product was originally made with miners dealing with harsh chemicals and conditions in mind, imagine the protection you will receive when using this product. Check out our incredible Shielding Lotion™ here.

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