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Probiotics for Eczema To Repair Skin

Melissa Marsden

Eczema can be extremely irritating and painful. Your skin gets itchy, becomes red and inflamed, and it just seems to be everywhere some days.  Because there is no actual cure for eczema this has left people to look for different ways to treat their eczema. Probiotics for eczema is one of the options that has been on the rise.

Some studies have shown that people with dermatitis and eczema have an abnormal level of bacteria in their body. This abnormality can cause things like inflammation and in worst cases skin infections. This is where the reasoning behind using probiotics for eczema comes in to play. The idea is to reintroduce healthy bacteria into the body and bring it back to a balanced state from within.  The main problem is that this alternative has been received with mixed results.  While there are some studies who have shown this to be helpful there are others that have shown using probiotics for eczema can cause gut infections and bowel damage. So at glance it seems like a skeptical option because we do not have concrete evidence that it is an effective option.

When treating eczema one of the most beneficial alternatives you have is to repair your skin barrier. Your skin barrier is the outer layer of skin that protects your skin from irritants and it regulates your skin’s natural oils and moisture.  Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion that will bond with this outer layer of skin and create a barrier to help protect your skin. It is also made to work with your body’s natural oils to help retain moisture in the deeper layers of skin. Gloves In A Bottle helps your body create this balance of protection and moisture that will allow your skin and skin barrier to heal naturally from within and stay healthy. When your skin stays healthy and balanced you’re less likely to experience eczema flare ups.

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