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What Does Perez Hilton Love So Much and Wants You to Try Too?


Words By Martina

Recently, media personality Perez Hilton was so shocked by what the hygiene procedures in schools had done to his 5 year-old daughter’s hands that he made a post about it to bring it to the attention of the public.

What Has the Past Year Done to Our Skin?

This past year has wreaked havoc on our skin. With what feels like the whole world being on high alert for Covid-19, the level of personal hygiene has drastically increased. Yes, good hygiene isn’t a bad thing in itself, but how it affects our skin can be. Us adults can deal with irritated and inflamed skin but when it comes to children, our heartstrings are definitely pulled.

Because of the increase in the need for handwashing and sanitizing in order to try to stop the spread of the virus, children in schools are washing and sanitizing their hands more than ever before. It’s very likely that if you have children in school, they are coming home with red, raw hands from all the harsh soaps and sanitizers that they need to use so frequently throughout the day.

We Need to Protect Our Children’s Skin

While some have different opinions on all the handwashing and hygiene being carried out in the schools, one thing’s for sure– we need to make sure we’re taking care of our little people’s skin properly.

In Perez Hilton’s post, 5-year-old Mia is shown with hands that are extremely dry, red, flakey and irritated. Anyone with a child her age would hate to see them suffering because they may not understand all that is going on and all they see is that they are forced to do something that is hurting their hands and making them feel itchy and uncomfortable. 

To try and help little Mia out, Gloves In A Bottle got on board and supplied Perez Hilton with their shielding lotion that is created to target dry, irritated and inflamed skin. Because it’s so gentle and safe for all ages, Mia was able to wear it on her hands in hopes that it would help heal and protect her skin from the further handwashing at school.

Perez Hilton’s Update On Mia’s Hands

After wearing Gloves In A Bottle for a few weeks, Mia’s hands were completely healed! The cream that Perez Hilton had been using on Mia’s hands before hadn’t helped but after using Gloves In A Bottle, her hands were smooth, healthy and hydrated! In fact, Perez went on to say that he loves the lotion so much that he uses it on his own hands too! 

‘’LOOK AT HER HANDS!!! All healed up nice and glowing after serious damage from the incessant washing and use of sanitizer at school! Huge thanks to @GlovesInABottleUSA for sending some for Mia! And for dad too! I use it and talk to my hands while massaging it in! "Youthful, healthy hands" - I repeat over and over again.” - Perez Hilton

Why Gloves In A Bottle Works So Well

The reason Gloves In A Bottle was so effective is because the shielding lotion creates a protective layer with the top layer of skin cells. This not only helps to keep your skin’s own oils and moisture in but it also stops further irritants like soap, water and hand sanitizers from getting into the deeper levels of the skin and drying out and irritating the skin further.

By wearing Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion –which will last through handwashing, by the way! – the skin can go back to looking and feeling healthy, hydrated and smooth.

We know that Mia isn’t the only child who is suffering from raw hands from all the hygiene practices taking place at school so we urge you to try Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion on your little ones’ hands too if you’re experiencing the same skin irritation. 

We all want to keep our kids safe but we don’t want them to suffer. Using Gloves In A Bottle can tick both those boxes. And don’t forget that it’s just as effective for adults too so lather up your whole family so you don’t have to fear your next hand washing session. We know Mia won’t fear washing her hands ever again!

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  • Jasmine on May 12, 2021

    love to see it😍 can’t wait to try for myself!

  • Holly bearss on May 06, 2021

    This sounds exactly like what my little Cedar need! No doubt our whole family could benefit💜

  • Erin on May 06, 2021

    Wow!! This stuff looks amazing. Perfect solution for dry hands!

  • Erica lee on May 06, 2021

    Gloves in a bottle are the number one. Product I have found and it. Really work

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