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The Effective Nurse Hand Lotion You’ve Been Looking For

Words By Martina

A nurse’s job is important to them (or at least it should be) but I’m not here to give you career advice. I’m here to talk about your skin. But not just any skin – the skin on your hands if you’re a nurse. A job that uses their hands as much as a nurse does really needs to look after their hands properly. Are you a nurse? Do you have effective nurse hand lotion? If not, you’ll want to hear this!

A Day in the Life as a Nurse

As a nurse, your hands go through a lot in one shift. There’s no way of knowing just how often a nurse washes their hands in one single shift – but we can all agree that it would be a heck of a lot! They need to wash their hands before they tend to a patient, before they do any specific task where there is close or direct contact, after each contact and before entering a public or shared space. And that’s not even including all the other daily reasons for washing our hands like after we cough or sneeze, after going to the bathroom and before and after eating. Separate from washing your hands, there seems to be a pump of hand sanitizer in every room that a nurse is also expected to use and we all know what hand sanitizers do to our skin!

If there’s one thing we know about a job like being a nurse that needs you to wash and sanitize your hands so many times in a day, there’s only one thing that it will lead to – and that is extremely dry and irritated skin. (Ok, actually there are two things because the first thing is that your hands will be clean...but I’m talking about the aftermath!)

If you are a nurse, I’d be willing to bet that you have had or currently have very dry and irritated skin on your hands. It may have even developed into contact dermatitis or an eczema flare-up. The trouble is that no matter how irritated your hands are, if you’re at work, you’re going to have to keep washing them. You probably also have to wear gloves a lot of the time which can further irritate and dry out your skin. So how can you protect your skin from something that will keep happening?

The Answer You’re Looking For

Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion that can save your hands from the constant feeling of dry, irritated and cracked skin that you’re living with. The lotion gives your skin the much needed moisture and hydration it needs but it also creates a special shield-like barrier with the top layer of skin cells. This ‘shield’ is what keeps your skin’s own oils and moisture in, even when you constantly wash your hands with irritants like soap, water or hand sanitizers. The lotion creates a bond with your skin cells so it doesn’t wash off and only comes off when your skin naturally sheds. 

I know that as a nurse you need to be careful of your patients’ allergies and intolerances so the fact that Gloves In A Bottle is approved for use in hospitals and operating rooms should have you jumping for joy! That’s how gentle (but effective!) it’s ingredients are. 

If you’re a nurse and you’re trying to get your hands back to being the soft, healthy hands that they once were, using Gloves In A Bottle is a much easier solution than quitting your job. Wouldn’t you agree?

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