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1 Gallon Hand Sanitizer

Melissa Marsden

Right now you are either working from home, an essential worker or you went back into the office because of COVID-19. Although going back into the office can be dangerous and risky – some people have no other choice.

Get a plan together

Keeping employees in the office safe and healthy is the most important thing if you are going to open up your office. Everyone is required to wear masks, wash their hands frequently, stay six feet apart from one another, perform temperature checks regularly and you must have hand sanitizer at every work station for the employees. With all of the hand washing and hand sanitizer it is important to provide a lotion that will help your employees have hydrated skin through these tough times. Gloves In A Bottle is a great shielding lotion that can help lock your moisture in and very effectively helps protect from the drying effects of alcohol and other antiviral/antibacterial ingredients while it repairs your dry skin. Check our gallon of lotion here: https://www.glovesinabottle.com/products/gloves-in-a-bottle-shielding-lotion-for-dry-skin-eczema-and-psoriasis-1-gallon

Hold a Covid Meeting

When returning to the office it would be smart to hold a meeting and lay down the new rules. The meeting should include the following:

  • Everyone must follow the rules or you cannot open the office. This comes down to the managers especially. If you are not setting the example for the employees the employees will not abide by the new and important rules.
  • Start off by going around the room talking about how different stories and cases of COVID have affected you and your family.
  • Keep score publicly. Reward the employees taking the extra step in making the environment safe for others. Cleaning around their work area, cleaning door knobs, etc. In the end it is a team effort to beat this!

Although these practices may be awkward for some employees, everyone must follow the guidelines.

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