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Liquid Glove Hand Cream

Melissa Marsden

The science of skin care is continually moving and evolving. If you were to open up a book on the history of how the skin and beauty industry have changed over the years, I’m sure you would be surprised about some of the things you would read.

During the times of Ancient Egypt and Greece people would create their own skin care products made out of olive oils to help clean and exfoliate their skin. Pastes and masks made of milk, honey, berries and other natural ingredients would also be used to rejuvenate the skin and to help with anti-aging. Cosmetics were used in Ancient Egypt to help protect the skin from being damaged by the sun.

Throughout the Medieval and Renaissance eras cosmetics were starting to be used more regularly in Europe. Having smooth, blemish free and fair skin was highly regarded. Cosmetics and ointments then used to contain animal fats, lead, silver, mercury and chalk. Those skin care items would use a lot of natural ingredients we still use today like aloe, rosewater, oatmeal and cucumbers.

The Chinese were one of the first people to take notice on how your diet affects your skin. They would focus on healthy living, nutrition and body circulation. Cleansers used to be made of seaweed and jellyfish. They would also use cosmetics to help smooth and lighten their skin.

Jumping to the 1800’s, skin lightening was still trending, zinc oxide or lemon juice were commonly used to help with lightening the skin but this trend died out because it too often caused allergic or skin damaging reactions. Prices for hygiene products became more feasible so it made them more accessible to the general public. People were using honey, oatmeal and egg yolks on their skin to counteract the reactions to the harsher skin cleansers and practices during this time.

In the 1900’s is when we see a huge change in the beauty world. Brands like Estee Lauder, Ponds, Clinique and Clearasil all launched. We were introduced to sunscreen in 1944. During the 1980’s there was a small rise in more natural products on the market. In the late 1990’s shielding lotions came out on the market. A shielding lotion like Gloves In A Bottle was comparable to a liquid glove hand cream, it creates a protective barrier to help prevent skin damage and helps keep your skin moisturized.

In the 2000’s and present time skin care is at an all-time high. People are more aware of their own skin health and appearance. This awareness is making cosmetic and skin care companies to be more cautious of the ingredients they are using in their products.  Natural plant based products are more accessible than ever. Having a custom skin care routine created by a dermatologist or esthetician is more common. 

As time continually moves forward so will the skin care industry. These companies and the scientists behind their products are always striving to create new products to help with keeping the skin healthy and thriving.

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