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Nurses Week: Affordable Gifts Every Nurse Would Want

Words By Martina

Someone that spends their life taking care of others deserves a moment to take care of themselves too. With May being International Nurses Month, it’s the perfect time to give back to those that have given so much to us. If you’re looking for a nurses week gift for a special nurse in your life, take a look at our list to pick a winner! Let nurses know how appreciated they really are.



Nurses Week Gift Ideas


Funky compression socks: for someone on their feet all day, compression socks will help to keep their circulation in good form. The key is to get a pair full of color, funk and fun – not your standard, run of the mill pair! Not only does this make a useful and thoughtful gift, they are comfortable, good for your health, and, did I mention fun? 

Personalized badge clip or stethoscope ID: you know that working in a hospital or a doctor’s clinic means you’ll be wearing your ID badge or carrying a stethoscope around. Why not make it unique with a personalized name, message or logo on it? Take something ordinary and give it some personality!

A full body massage: OK, so I’m not saying you have to give the massage but I can’t think of a single nurse that wouldn’t love a massage and pampering after a week of 12-hour shifts! Whether it comes in the form of a gift certificate or you go ahead and book it directly for them, a massage can work wonders for getting rid of some of that tension, stress and fatigue that a nurse undoubtedly experiences in their life. 

Hand cream set: knowing how often nurses have to wash their hands at work, the skin on their hands takes a battering! Giving a nurse a skin-loving package of Gloves In A Bottle hand lotion not only restores the health of their skin but also protects it from further damage. Need even more reasons why this is a good pick? Gloves In A Bottle is approved for use in hospitals and even operating rooms so they won’t have to save it until after their shift is done! It’s the ultimate hand lotion for nurses. 

Fun travel mug: knowing how busy a nurse is, it’s highly unlikely they get enough time to finish a full cup of coffee in one go! A good quality travel mug will let them have that hot cup of coffee on the go (if they must!) or they can come back to it later, knowing it’s still as hot and fresh tasting as it was when they made it.

Wine: after working such long hours, an evening of relaxation with a nice glass of wine is a fine way to end any day. Try to find out if they prefer red, white or rosé if you can!

While letting a nurse know that their hard work is noticed and appreciated is what matters most, giving a nurses week gift would be the icing on the cake!



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