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Lotion for Sweaty Hands – Is There Such a Thing?

Words By Martina

We’ve all had the inconvenience of having sweaty hands. Whether it’s the summer and the hot sun to blame, our line of work or our own bodies, sweaty hands can affect our confidence as well as the health of our skin. But did you know that there is such a thing as lotion for sweaty hands?

What Does Sweat Do to Our Skin?

We know sweating to be healthy – our body’s natural way of detoxifying and purifying. We have visions of a hard workout and the sweat is the ultimate sign that we have pushed ourselves and done well! Yes, sweating is great and is a natural process of the body but what effects does sweat actually have on our skin? 

Sweat is filled with sodium, urea, ammonia and other minerals. While sweat has the ability to rid the body of bacteria and impurities, it also rids the skin of its own natural oils.¹ If left on the skin too long, sweat can cause irritation and inflammation, leaving our skin dehydrated.¹ According to Dr. Whitney Bower, a board certified dermatologist from New York, ‘The sodium in sweat can dehydrate skin if left too long on the surface, and the evaporation of sweat from skin can aggravate people prone to eczema.”¹

Normally, if we’ve had a workout and our body is sweaty, we follow it up with a shower and no harm done. However, if you are prone to having sweaty hands, it’s highly unlikely that you can constantly wash your hands to keep them sweat free. Even if you did, the constant washing would irritate and dry out your skin too so it seems you’d be in a lose-lose situation.

How Can We Take Care of Sweaty Hands?

Sweaty hands can be caused by stress and anxiety, from wearing gloves at work, working in hot environments or it could even be genetic. Whatever the cause, it can be damaging to our skin if not taken care of properly. 

Hands that are prone to sweating need an extra layer of protection that helps keep our skin from being stripped of its own moisture as well as keeping any irritants out. 

Applying a shielding lotion like Gloves In A Bottle can do just the trick. Gloves In A Bottle creates an actual line of defence on the outer layer of the skin, helping to keep your natural oils in rather than being stripped of them as you sweat. It also creates a barrier between the inner layers of the skin and the irritants sitting on top but still lets your skin breathe and perspire naturally. Even if you can’t wash your hands right away, your hands are still protected. 

The bonus is that if you do get to wash your hands, Gloves In A Bottle won’t wash off! It lasts for a minimum of 4 hours and only comes off as your skin naturally sheds so the effects are long-lasting. 

While Gloves In A Bottle can’t stop you from sweating, it can make sure that your skin is protected from the negative effects of sweat. It is the perfect lotion for sweaty hands so sweat away, knowing that your hands are still in good care.

¹ https://www.medicaldaily.com/sweat-it-out-5-surprising-health-benefits-sweating-actually-dont-stink-309718

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