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Invisible Kids Eczema Gloves

Words By Martina

No one likes to think of children suffering with irritating skin conditions such as eczema but unfortunately it is more common than you would think. In the U.S alone, approximately 9.6 million children under the age of 18 suffer from atopic eczema, and one third of them have moderate to severe symptoms.¹ It’s no wonder that kids eczema gloves are so common – but are they the only option when it comes to protecting a child’s hands?

Eczema Gloves and Young Kids

Gloves are a good way to give an older child’s hands extra protection from external irritants that can cause inflammation on their eczema-prone hands. If you’ve ever watched a toddler play, however, you’d know that those gloves wouldn’t last a minute!

When it comes to young kids, they are too busy exploring the world around them to be mindful of keeping a pair of eczema gloves on, let alone dry! Gloves not only get in the way of their adventures, they can also hinder their fine motor development when playing with their toys, trying to turn a page in a book or learning how to hold a pencil to write.

If you think about any art activity using glue, scissors or paint, you can forget it.

Can we blame them? No.

Are There Alternative Options to Wearing Kids Eczema Gloves?

If you’ve ever worn a pair of eczema gloves, you would know that while they are there to help protect and soothe our skin, they are far from convenient.

While many children will find that their symptoms will naturally improve as they grow older, there is no outright cure for eczema. This doesn’t mean they are doomed to wearing gloves until adulthood.

So how can we help our kids with eczema without letting a pair of gloves get in the way? 

Using a shielding lotion such as Gloves in a Bottle can be a tremendous help in fighting the symptoms of eczema. It not only soothes already irritated, dry and inflamed skin, it also creates a barrier on the outer layers of the skin which helps to keep the natural moisture inside so that the affected skin can begin to heal. Gloves in a Bottle is gentle enough for a child’s sensitive skin yet so effective that it can soothe severe cases of eczema. To top it off, it can protect your child’s skin from all the irritants it will no doubt come in contact with and it won’t wash off! It only comes off with the skin’s natural exfoliation process.

Make Life Simpler for You and Your Child

Wearing a pair of kids eczema gloves can give your child’s hands some extra protection but wearing Gloves in a Bottle can give you the peace of mind that even if the gloves come off, their hands are still protected. It’s almost like a pair of invisible eczema gloves!

Ask yourself one thing: would you rather put your child’s gloves back on every five minutes when they have ‘accidentally’ come off (again!) or would you prefer to apply a layer of soothing Gloves in a Bottle and know that their hands are safe for at least four hours?

I know what I’d prefer – and I can almost guarantee I know what a child would prefer.

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