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Does your profession require frequent hand washing?

Melissa Marsden

OK, so who doesn’t wash their hands a hundred times a day (shaking my head). We all do it. And now more than ever. But there are many professionals who have to frequently wash their hands for reasons other than basic hygiene.

Pastel Artists or any form of artistry will require multiple reasons for hand washing. Pastels can be very greasy and rich in dyes and color which can stain your hands for days. Some pastel artists will even wear latex gloves to protect their hands, but these become a nuisance especially to an artistic hand. Makeup-artists would be quite similar in terms of getting cosmetics, eyeshadows, lipstick stains on their hands and arms regularly. Mixing colors, testing shades is all a days work for these glamor creators.

Another group of professionals that wash their hands regularly are those who work with animals, including our loving veterinarians, animal doctors, who are performing surgery, giving injections, making incisions etc. When working with animals vets need to protect their hands from irritation as much as they need to keep the working environment hygienic. Changing gloves regularly would be frustrating and cause irritation. Fisherman would be in a similar boat (excuse the pun). Working with water can be dehydrating for hands, but dealing with slippery fish, hooks/lines and nets all day out in the open waters can really dry the hands out. Cuts and scrapes are very common also. Protecting their hands with fishermen gloves is a must – and Gloves In a Bottle would never replace the need for real gloves (if this is a necessity); however, having an extra protective layer underneath is going to be a benefit once there is a cut in the fabric gloves for example.

best lotion for frequent hand washing

Commonly gardeners, and home-makers, including cleaning staff are the most exposed to chemicals and toxins due to the products they need to use as part of their profession. Gardeners would be cut and scraped by thorns and scraps and can get hand dermatitis from using gardening tools constantly overtime. Cleaning staff are using highly powerful chemicals such as bleach which can seep into the skin and be absorbed by the body – so using gloves at all times is necessary.

All of the above professions require gloves and could not go without them – however, as our skin is the most delicate organ and it is our first line of defense, it certainly makes sense to use a shielding lotion. The recommended and best hand lotion for frequent hand washing is a petroleum-like emollient – and Gloves In A Bottle is just that.

Dermatologists will recommend this as the best hand lotion because it is far more versatile and practical than adding a petroleum jelly. Gloves In A Bottle absorbs instantly and has no greasy feeling. It is 93% natural and is designed for sensitive skin with no dyes, fragrances or allergens present whatsoever.

For anyone who is a frequent hand washer, no matter what the reason, this is a product worth trying!

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