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Dry Hands? No Thank You

Melissa Marsden

This year has given a new meaning to dry hands. The pandemic has taught the “I do not need to wash my hands” folks a little something about hygiene - and how much bacteria stays on our hands throughout the day. A simple water rinse just doesn't cut it anymore. Well, it never really did if we’re being honest.

So after all the proper hand washing and the number of times we are all washing our hands a day, your hands are bound to get dry. But how can you still keep clean and have smooth hands? There is one simple step that tends to be forgotten - applying a hand moisturizer. The excessive hand-washing can lead to cracked skin, which is just another entry point for bacteria and viruses.

Dermatologists have recommended taking these steps into consideration, if you want healthy skin. 

  1. Switch to a Fragrance-Free Soap – I know the soap might smell delicious but sometimes fragrance can cause redness and itching, which causes dryness.
  2. Get rid of your Bar of Soap – bar soaps are often made with high pH that can be very drying for your skin.
  3. Moisturize – lotion is your best friend right now. Gloves In A Bottle has been a savior for so many people throughout the years and especially this year when the hand washing has been at an all-time high! Moisturizing right after you wash your hands will help you get to your desired smooth hands.
  4. Wear Gloves – While doing your house chores, wear gloves. Keep your skin healthy and plump, put the gloves on.
  5. Check those Hand Sanitizer’s Ingredients – Look for a hand sanitizer that is not alcohol based or petrolatum-based. 

Do not worry, you are not alone. We are all suffering with dry hands. But hopefully with these tips and tricks, we can tell a friend and spread the news on how to keep your hands soft! Do not forget to check out Gloves In A Bottle here: https://www.glovesinabottle.com/pages/become-a-stockist

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