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Applying a Hand Lotion Really Helps Your Hands Stay Healthy

Melissa Marsden

If you were to stop and think about your hands and how much you use them, you would realize they are one of the body’s most important tools. We accomplish so much with them. They help us with washing the dishes, making family dinners, controlling our electronics and so much more.  Unfortunately though, our hands seem to be one of the most neglected parts of the body when it comes to having a daily routine to take care of them.

Benefits of Apply Hand Lotion to Hands

Keeping your skin healthy is an essential step to take to help maintain your general health.  The skin is the biggest organ and it protects the rest of your body from so much, so taking care of it properly is the least we can do. Not only does soft skin look good but it feels good. Having dry, cracked, rough hands can not only be painful but it also can be embarrassing.  You also may not realize that hands age as fast as the face.  This means your hands are open to signs of aging, such as wrinkles, age spots, UV damage and dehydration.  Creating a moisturizing routine for your hands can be one of the most important steps. Effectively adding moisture back into your skin can help slow signs of aging, improve skin elasticity and help your skin fight off common skin irritants and infections.

Applying Hand Lotion

When it comes to how often you need to apply a hand lotion, there are a few factors that need to be considered. Like how dry are your hands? Does your job require frequent hand washing? Are you outside and exposed to environmental triggers, like cold dry winter air, for an extended time period? These factors can affect the health of your skin because they raise the risk of you damaging your skin barrier. The skin barrier is the outer layer of skin. This layer is responsible for protecting and moisturizing our skin. So when it comes to applying a hand lotion, start off with applying at least once or twice a day and if you don’t see an improvement in your skin you can always apply more frequently.

Hand lotions work best when they’re applied to clean dry skin, so it is best to gently wash your hands with mild hand soap. Once you’re done washing, make sure you pat dry them with a towel. It is best to avoid being overly rough with your hands while scrubbing and drying as this can cause damage to your skin.

After your hands are dry you can apply a pea sized dab on the back of both your hands and start rubbing it into your skin. While you gently rub the skin make sure you are paying attention to knuckles and any other areas of concern. Then once the product dries you are good to go.

When picking out a hand lotion, you should consider adding Gloves In A Bottle shielding lotion to your routine.  Shielding lotions work differently than regular moisturizers. They bond with your outer layer of skin to help keep skin damaging irritants and toxins out and help lock moisture in. You can read how Gloves In A Bottle works here and you can also read what real people are saying about it too!

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