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Is There Such a Thing as Cleaning Skills?

Words By Martina

Is there such a thing as being a good cleaner? Absolutely! Have you ever had someone ‘clean’ something for you only to realize that when they were done, you pretty much had to clean all over again? Or maybe you hired a cleaner and after they finished, you still found lots of dirt and dust left behind? If you want to effectively clean your home, you’ll want to brush up on some time-saving cleaning skills to get the job done!

Top Tips for Cleaning Skills

Whether you’re starting a full-on Spring Clean or you’re just giving your home the ‘once-over’, here are some time-saving tips on cleaning skills to deploy during your next clean-a-thon!

Top-to-Bottom Rule

To start with, always use the rule of ‘top to bottom’. What that means is you’ll want to clean things up high first because quite often, if you clean the floors and countertops and then decide to dust the shelves and cupboards up high, you’ll often end up having to clean surfaces again because all of that dust you just moved from up high has just settled down lower, where you have already cleaned. Talk about annoying!

Use Effective Products or Ingredients

While water is great for many things, if you want to actually cut through grime and dirt, you’ll need something with a bit of oumph to get it off! This doesn’t mean having to buy loads of expensive or harsh cleaning products, but using ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar can go a long way when trying to get a clean shine back into your home. Just remember to protect your hands from any cleaning products that could irritate your skin.

Move Furniture Whenever You Can

It’s great if you’ve vacuumed or cleaned the floor, but if you haven’t bothered to move any furniture, you know you’re leaving behind a lot of dust and dirt still. I’m not saying you need to move your 2-tonne sofa everytime you give the lounge a clean, but that coffee table can easily be moved so that you can get any dirt and dust underneath it. And that plant pot you couldn’t be bothered to move? Yeah, we can see that dust still sitting behind it. Don’t be lazy. Get as much of the dirt and dust away as you can if you want the job done properly.

Avoid Accumulating Clutter

I think we all know that feeling when after we’ve just cleaned the house, we look around and it still doesn't look any better than it did before! Usually the answer is clutter! If you have a clean countertop but you have a hundred things sitting on top of it taking up all the space, the room is never going to feel clean and calm. Find a place for things where they don’t take up so much of your attention. Put things up high so they are out of sight, stash them away in cupboards or on a shelf or better yet, if it’s just taking up space, do you even need to keep it anymore?

Don’t Forget Your skin!

When doing all this cleaning, don’t forget to take care of your skin. If you’re using cleaning products, wear protective gloves so that harsh chemicals don’t damage your skin. Wash your hands thoroughly after touching all that dust, dirt and any products and make sure to apply a good hand lotion that will keep your hands moisturized, protected and healthy. I recommend Gloves In A Bottle because it won’t wash off so if you put it on before you start your cleaning mission, your skin is already protected and all that work won’t dry out your skin.

When you’re all done, look around and ask yourself, ‘Is there such a thing as cleaning skills?’ and I’m sure you’ll be nodding your head in agreement with me. Don’t forget to pass these tips on to your other half when it’s their turn to clean!

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