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A Spring Cleaning Checklist To Get You Started!

Words By Martina

The spring can be a time for mixed emotions. First we’re elated when we think, ‘Yay! Winter is over!’ and then it suddenly hits us. It’s spring cleaning time... (Insert a nervous gulp here!) You hesitantly look around at all the dust and clutter you’ve collected over the past year and know that you’ve got a full on job awaiting you. Have no fear. With this handy spring cleaning checklist, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and can get through it step-by-step.

What Supplies Will I Need?

There’s nothing more annoying than having the motivation to tackle a big task only to find out you can’t get started because you haven’t got what you need. Don’t let that happen to you this spring. Make sure to have the following things before you start your spring cleaning challenge: 

  • all-purpose surface cleaner (you can make your own DIY cleaner too that’s gentler on your skin!)
  • glass & mirror cleaner
  • toilet and bathroom cleaner (if your all-purpose cleaner isn’t strong enough)
  • cleaning cloths and duster
  • dish soap/bucket of soapy water
  • towel to dry surfaces (if needed)
  • mop & bucket (or Swiffer)
  • protective cleaning gloves
  • shielding lotion to protect your skin
  • vacuum cleaner
  • garbage bag

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Now that you have everything you need, let’s get started on the cleaning!

Put on Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion, pick a room and get started here:

Each Room

☐ declutter any items that you do not want or need any more (put anything you want to throw away into the garbage bag or make a separate pile for items you can sell or donate)

☐ take items off all shelves and furniture tops, dust and wipe each surface

☐ wipe light switches, door knobs and any furniture/drawer/cupboard handles

☐ wipe any walls and doors that look dirty

☐ dust and wipe baseboards and door frames

☐ clean any light fixtures and fans

☐ vacuum the floors and carpets (remember to hoover under and behind furniture too!)

☐ clean windows and mirrors in each room

☐ wash floors (if appropriate)

Bathroom extras

☐ clean toilets, sinks and bathtubs but wear protective gloves if using harsh chemicals

☐ wipe down all the cupboards and throw away any expired products/medicine

Kitchen Extras

☐ clean out the fridge (and feel free to defrost the freezer if you’re feeling ambitious!)

☐ clean appliances - but remember to put on your protective gloves first!

☐ clean out all cupboards and throw away any expired food

There’s no need to feel like Cinderella and spend your whole life cleaning. Doing a good clear out once a year can help your home feel less cluttered, more inviting and certainly fresher. It doesn’t have to be done all in one day. Start with one room and keep that momentum going. Put on your favorite music and you actually might have a little fun! No, seriously, a good spring clean can feel like an act of mindfulness and give you a boost of positive energy! 

Use your spring cleaning checklist to help you get the job done. Remember to look after those hard working hands by protecting them from harsh chemicals with a shielding lotion and protective gloves. Wash them thoroughly after using any cleaning products to avoid contact dermatitis or allergic reactions and don’t forget to lather on one last layer of shielding lotion when the job is all done to keep your skin soft and moisturized.

Spring cleaning done – your house is ready for another year!

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