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So, how does it all work?

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Viral instagramer and GoCleanCo founder Sarah McAllister shares her secret hack to saving her hands from the “bleach, bleach and repeat” cleaning methods of her renowned company. Sarah swears by Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion for her hands, and those of her staff and regularly promotes it to her followers who agree it is the bees knees!

“For dry, cracked hands, eczema, over-washed, over-worked, over-sanitized or bleach-exposed hands - there is nothing else” she would use to protect and repair her hands - says Sarah McAllister

“Gloves In A Bottle, this is interesting. This is known as a shielding lotion, wearing protective gloves on your hands without wearing the gloves. Just put a tiny amount on. You don’t use much. And when you rub it in completely, you leave it to dry for a couple of minutes…”

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We have worked with hundreds of influencers across the country who have fallen in love with Gloves In A Bottle - shieldling lotion. Check out our @glovesinabottleusa instagram page to see some of the creative fun!

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