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Why are so many nurses, gardeners, and teachers using shielding lotions instead of hand moisturizers?

Katya Sobol

The demands of modern work often require us to engage in activities that lead to skin dryness. Nurses, teachers and gardeners fall victim of this the most, and moisturizers are not effective in solving the problem. So they resort to shielding lotions. In this article, you will find why these professionals choose shielding lotions instead of hand moisturizers.

The average modern worker is exposed daily to activities that are enough to keep his or her skin dry all day.

Most of these activities, like frequent hand washing, handling of chemicals, wearing gloves or working on certain industrial machines, are almost inevitable for nurses, gardeners and teachers — and other professionals, too.

Some then resort to using moisturizers when their skins begin to get dry. Moisturizers are great because they help restore moisture and oil to the outer layer of your skin when it gets dry.

The problem is, these conventional lotions do not prevent your skin from being dry at all. They only function when your skin is dry — and their effectiveness is often for a very limited time.

It’s no wonder smart professionals choose to go for something that can serve them better. Nurses, gardeners, and teachers alike prefer to use shielding lotions for a whole lot of reasons:

Professionals Use Shielding Lotion

Shielding lotions are made with natural ingredients that harmlessly bond to the cells of your outer skin, becoming a part of the layer. Apart from hydrating the skin, shielding lotions help restore the protective qualities of the skin that modern work strips away.

If the lost protective qualities of the outer skin are not restored, it will make the outer skin to split easily when subject to any kind of pressure.

You don’t want this. No one wants to have a broken, unattractive skin that is susceptible to skin breaks and other dermal conditions that arise from skin dryness.

What are the benefits of using shielding lotions as against hand moisturizers?

The following are a few of the major benefits you’ll enjoy as you begin routinely using shielding lotions:

1. Relief from frequent hand washing

hand washing

Frequent hand washing is common with professionals, especially those in the health sector. Most nurses will have to wash their hands’ hundreds of times in a single shift. Imagine the effect that will have on your skin and nails. Even if you moisturize each time you wash, the symptoms will still be there.

But shielding lotions save you all that. Because they naturally bond to the outer layer of your skin, the barrier they create keeps water from aggravating your skin.

2. Shielding lotions instead of hand moisturizers keep your hands soft and prevent them from chemical attack

When you overwork your hands, your palms slowly begin to lose their softness. You will feel this when you rub them against your chin. But if you want to regain that softness, or desire to keep your hands from getting hard and rough even when continually exposing them to dirt, then shielding lotions will help you do that.

They also keep you from chemical attacks. Nurses or school teachers, or gardeners who are constantly interfacing with harmful chemicals take advantage of shielding lotions to create an invisible barrier between the outer layer of their skin and poisonous chemicals.

3. Shielding lotions treat skin infections like Psoriasis and Eczema

Grandparent and Grandchild

There is no one particular cause for Eczema or Psoriasis, and even though some of it has something to do with genetics, it’s a proven fact in dermatology that dry skin contributes greatly to these skin infections. Therefore, stopping skin dryness by using shielding lotions is a major way to prevent them.

Additionally, shielding lotions will relieve skin infections because they are able to activate the protective qualities of the outer skin. This closes the outer layer of the skin against bacterial infections.

4. Shielding lotions with spf protect against sunburn

spf sun protection

Outdoor workers like gardeners often have too much sunlight exposure. If this isn’t reduced, the sunlight exposure will lead to sunburn, which could potentially result in other conditions like wrinkles, dark spots, and — worst, skin cancer.

But shielding lotions with spf will form an invisible protective covering over the skin, preventing sun rays from affecting your skin. To make this happen, the lotion is simply applied to the skin before exposing it to the sun. When you do this, you won’t even need to bother whether you put on clothes that cover the skin or not. In this situation, however, it’s important to reapply the lotion routinely, depending on the instructions attached to the shielding lotion.

Finally, it’s essential to understand that your skin has unique, natural oils it uses to moisturize and freshen itself. Shielding lotions will not stop the flow of these natural oils — the lotions actually help your skin produce more of its natural oils so that it can stay healthy and fresh.

Shielding lotions are made with over 90% natural botanicals, which is why they work well in combating the adverse dermal effects of harmful cosmetics. Plus, the lotions are lightweight and fast-absorbing, making them super convenient for anyone to use.

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