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Tips to Treat Your Winter Itch.

Gloves In A Bottle

Folding away the swimsuit, getting a donation of old summer pieces ready to give away and bringing back the bulky jackets and sweatshirts is part of the usual transition we make from summer to winter wardrobe as the weather cools down. For most of us this is a welcome change as we have been anticipating cooler temps for weeks now. But what are we doing to transition our skin to these icy mornings ahead? 

We have searched the net, discussed with the experts and gathered a list of advise from friends to help you prepare your skin for the winter: 

  1.  Lock in your body’s natural oils + moisture!            

Instead of your usual greasy shea body lotion, pick up a Shielding Lotion. It is a completely new category of product that looks like a lotion – but acts very differently on the skin.They bond to the other layer of skin cells to create an invisible, protective shield, which keeps harmful chemicals out and keeps natural moisture in, letting Mother Nature provide the necessary healing to repair skin at its deepest levels. 

“Trying to replace the lost oil with other oils doesn’t always work very well. It is much better to protect the skin from the environment and then your body will take care of itself.” According to Helton, shielding lotions prevent this by bonding with and protecting the skin.


  1. Use a humidifier           

With the moisture reduction in the air, coupled with the heater on - your skin is drier than ever before. You can probably feel it stretching and itching - especially after a hot shower. Having a humidifier on in your home, or at-least during sleep - is a wonderful way of keeping moisture from evaporating from your skin. This will alleviate some of the winter symptoms and keep you feeling dewy. 


  1. Drink up (and we don’t mean the ‘nog)

Winter goes hand-in-hand with the holidays - which means many of us pick up an extra drink to enjoy with friends and family (bottoms up)!

Your body is made up of mostly water, so dehydrating it with caffeine and alcohol is only going to flare up any winter skin conditions you have - dry knuckles, elbows and itchy palms just to name a few. So enjoy it on occasion, but make sure to replenish your body with loads of water to combat the dehydration that is caused by alcohol consumption. 


  1. Do not forget the UV protection           

Although the swimsuit is packed away, the sun is still sending its rays your way. A daily SPF like Gloves In A Bottle with SPF 15 is the perfect shield to protect your hands from loss of moisture and the sun’s cheeky winter rays.

“I’m only 32 but my hands make me look like I’m at least 70,” said Piech. Her catalog of attempted remedies included triple-antibiotic ointment, pure coco butters, waterproof hand lotion, hand cream for gardeners, liquid band-aids, super-glue dipped in baking soda and many more - with no lasting relief. “I’d tried all the fads and roamed all the cosmetics counters and pharmacy shelves looking for that one perfect moisturizer. I visited dermatologists and doctors for years, but nothing seemed to work,” she said. Piech then tried a shielding lotion. “I used Gloves In A Bottle before I went to bed and when I woke up the cracks on my skin were almost totally healed,” said Piech. 




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