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The Must Have Holiday Gift for Under $6.00

Melissa Marsden

I am thinking about what I purchased last year for my family members for Christmas. I bought a lot of items, but nothing came to mind. Then it dawned on me and a light bulb went off. I don’t think I got any stocking stuffers or gifts for under $25. It is evident that my sister is in desperate need of a skin savior. I am sure woman and men can relate to that never-ending dry skin issue? Can I get an Amen here? Who wants to deal with cracked skin during the winter. You know the feeling, it feels scaly and uncomfortable when going about your day to day business. The truth is that no one is immune to it. There is no way of getting around it.

There are tons of lotions on the market. With this as a valid concern, I had no idea what to get. This leaves the decision-making process to be quite overwhelming. At last, there is a solution. Gloves In A Bottle surpasses skin care lotions out there and it’s skincare at it’s best. The shielding lotion not only adds moisture, but it goes into the seven deep layers of the skin. Why is this so important? Well, I am here to tell you that it heals the skin from the inside out. Most lotions deal with only the topical outer layer of the skin. Gloves In A Bottle works to improve the skins own healing process. It allows the skin to improve its own natural oils. There is also no need to constantly apply and re-apply. I am so in this already!

The best part about this, yes you want to know the best part, is that the lotion comes in holiday packaging. This only costs $5.49. That’s it! They make great gift items and stocking stuffers. Gloves In A Bottle comes in this adorable Santa packaging. This is so great you could not go wrong. A perfect gift for the holiday season. A total must-have for all skin issues such as eczema, very dry skin, and psoriasis. Get it now while you can! You and your whole family and friends will be very satisfied. Happy Holidays everyone and tis the season for healthy skin!

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