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Are You Taking Care of Oily Skin in Winter?

Words By Martina

Everyone is well aware of the skin precautions we need to take in the hot and sunny summer months but what about the winter? We often forget that the winter comes with its own skin challenges, often more damaging to our skin than summer, and can cause our skin to reflect the lack of care we’re giving it. Winter’s harsh weather can wreak havoc on our skin and while we might have an idea of how to take care of dry skin, what about taking care of oily skin in winter? Is there a secret to keeping oily skin healthy and protected?

Winter Weather on the Skin

Winter can have a negative impact on our skin. When the winter months bring along with them the cold temperatures and the low humidity levels, it can really show through our skin. It’s the humidity in the summer months that helps keep our skin hydrated and glowing but when that humidity is gone, this can leave our skin dehydrated and irritated – yes, even if you have oily skin. Even if you spend most of the winter inside, with all the indoor heating, your skin is still left feeling dehydrated from the dry indoor heating systems.

Our skin finds it difficult to put up with constantly changing temperatures of the extremely cold outdoor air to the warm and dry indoor air and it starts to lose its balance. Even if you have oily skin, your skin can start to feel tight, dehydrated and irritated from the changing external temperatures.

What Does Our Skin Want in the Winter?

In the winter, or at any time, what our skin wants is consistency. Our skin wants to feel balanced and unaffected by the external factors such as extremely cold air or changes in humidity. 

If you have oily skin, you don’t want to combat the drying effects of winter with a heavy moisturizer as that can cause your skin to feel heavy and greasy and clog your pores. You want a light moisturizer that is effective enough to fight the drying effects of the winter air but light enough not to clog your pores and keep your skin feeling fresh and comfortable. 

Using a shielding lotion like Skin MD Natural can be the key to helping your skin feel moisturized and hydrated even when the harsh weather arrives. The invisible shield it creates on the top layer of your skin helps to keep the skin’s natural moisture inside so that it can feel balanced and doesn't dry out from the changing external factors. It’s lightweight and is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores while it protects your skin. 

Along with an effective moisturizing shielding lotion, exfoliating your skin once in a while can do wonders to keep it free from all the dead skin cells that accumulate from the dry and cold winter air. It also never hurts to drink more water to help combat the lack of hydration in the air. After all, keeping your skin hydrated from the inside is the key. Don’t forget to apply an SPF if you’ll be spending time outside to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, even in winter!

By following these few simple tips, taking care of oily skin in winter can become a breeze – even if it’s a cold breeze!

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