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How to Look Your Best with a Spring Skin Tone

Words By Martina

Did you know that everyone has a seasonal skin tone? And by that I don’t mean that your skin tone changes with the season. I mean that according to skin analysts, each person has a skin tone that is associated with a certain season – spring, summer, fall or winter - and knowing what season skin tone you have can help you look your best! If you have a spring skin tone, find out what you can do to really bring out the best your skin has to offer.

How to Find Out if You’re a Spring Skin Tone

To figure out if your skin tone is considered spring, there are some simple steps you can follow.

First you need to determine if you have a cool or warm undertone. To do this, look at the underside of your forearm in natural light. Look at the skin and the veins for the following: 

Cool: Your veins look blue and your skin seems to have a blue or pink undertone.

Warm: Your veins will look more green and your skin will seem to have yellow undertones.

When you have determined your skin undertone, match it to the rest of your features such as hair color and eye color. If you have a spring skin tone, you most likely have a warm skin tone, you have hair that is lighter in color (blonde to medium brown, strawberry blonde, golden or red undertones) and your eyes are usually clear blue, turquoise, green, hazel or light brown.2

Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines and that there can be many exceptions to the rules as well as a whole array of finely-tuned details to accurately determine your skin tone season. While these guidelines will definitely help, if you’re unsure, it’s best to have a color analysis done with a trained specialist.

What Does Having a Spring Skin Tone Actually Mean?

If your skin is categorized as being a spring skin tone, this means your skin comes across as luminous, glowing and vibrant, often with tones of red on the surface.1 Spring skin tones can tend to flush more easily.

In terms of using your skin tone to look your best, spring skin tones are more suited to clear, light and warm colors.2 Even though it is often believed that black suits everyone, this is unfortunately not true and those that find themselves with a spring skin tone can look washed out and dull in dark colors.

While knowing your seasonal skin tone can help you make flattering color choices for clothing and makeup, you should remember to wear what you like and what you feel good in. The one overlying point to make is that regardless of your skin tone, if your skin isn’t healthy and looked after properly, no amount of color coordination will make you feel your best. Having a good skincare routine is a must for showing off that warm undertone and the luminous and glowing skin that spring skin tones are known for. Using a moisturizer like Skin MD Natural keeps your skin naturally hydrated and protected so that it can look and feel its best.

Don’t forget the importance of your hands as they will help to show off your radiant skin and are one of the first places your skin is visible to others. Let Gloves In A Bottle keep them hydrated, protected and just as vibrant as the rest of you.

Top Tips for Your Spring Skin Tone

To flatter your spring skin tone to its fullest, here are some useful tips to follow:


  • Your skin tone suits warm colors like cream, peach, golden-yellow and light orange.3
  • You also look good in colors that are bright and light like lime green, lemon yellow and coral.3
  • Try to wear clear, light and warm colors close to your face.
  • Avoid wearing deep or dark colors near your face as they can wash you out.
  • When it comes to metals, light gold, light bronze and rose gold suit your skin tone best.3
  • Wear a foundation that has yellow undertones to it (avoid pink undertones).3
  • When wearing bronzer or blush, choose one with a golden hue.3
  • Most importantly, take good care of your skin with high quality lotions

Turns out it’s not all about skincare. While taking care of your skin should always be a top priority, knowing your seasonal skin tone can go hand-in-hand with helping your spring skin tone look and feel its best!





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