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Quarantine Lifted: 5 Steps to Remain Healthy and Safe from COVID-19

Melissa Marsden

It’s hard to imagine that one day we might all get some kind of normalcy back. We will head back to work, kids will go back to school, parks and beaches will reopen and there may even be events, concerts and parties. But the fight against COVID-19 will not be over quickly, it will be a slow race and we will have to remain safe and ensure we are sticking to a few key guidelines when the doors finally open.

Tip #1 Do not throw away those masks

As retail and non-essential businesses start to open up, the rules will get more stringent (not the reverse). Wearing a mask will become mandatory for many businesses and there will be no loosening of the rules around social-distancing.

Tip #2 Keep washing your hands

two simple steps to save your hands

When we step outside for more than just groceries, we will be exposing ourselves to pathogens. So if you have slacked off on washing your hands thoroughly, for the suggested time-frame, it’s time to reconsider. It is the single most important thing you should be doing.

Tip #3 Keep your hands and skin healthy

keep your hands and skin healthy

Our skin is our first line of defense to the outside world, including bacteria and viruses. Keeping our skin healthy is imperative in keeping the virus a t bay. Washing your hands regularly is most likely going to lead to dry, cracked, and even broken skin. Board Certified dermatologist, Dr. Peter Helton recommends using G​loves In A Bottle shielding lotion after you wash your hands to ensure you keep your skin barrier protected. This will ensure that your first line of defense is ready to combat irritants.

“Healthy and hydrated skin that is free of cracks and abrasions is a natural germ barrier. Clinical studies have shown that Gloves In A Bottle is a very effective way to strengthen your skin’s own natural protective barrier while helping to keep it healthy and hydrated through multiple washings, applications of alcohol laden sanitizers as well as the other types of harsh antibacterial soaps and scrubs.”
Helton continues.

Tip #4 Keep your circle small

Now that retail stores are open and you might be tempted to go get some ice-cream or go on a hike, it is important to stay vigilant around others. Keeping your 6-foot distance is smart. If you end up on a walk that looks over-crowded, go a different direction or find an alternative activity. It doesn’t mean you can’t smile or wave at your neighbors, it just means we are to stay in a safe space. Starting to visit family is a good idea, as this brings joy and helps with the lack of energy we are all feeling during quarantine; however, this is not the time to have a large BBQ-gathering of friends.

Tip #5 Listen to your body

If you have any signs of cold, or flu it is highly important that you stay home and contact a doctor if it gets worse. If you have been putting off any doctor visits, it may be the time to start booking them to make sure anything vital is taken care of. “Have healthy habits, your immune system is closely correlated to your quantity of sleep. Processed sugars will adversely affect your immune system. So have a piece of fruit rather than candy. There is increasing evidence that Vitamin D levels play a role in reducing the severity of Covid infections so take your vitamins, but don’t overdo it. Remember to look out for cuts or broken skin and make sure to protect them before they get worse. Open or broken skin is an easy access point for bacteria and viruses,” recommends Dr. Helton. As mentioned in Tip #3, consider a shielding lotion​ for this reason.

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