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Your Hand Sanitizer Is Still Drying Out Your Skin!

Words By Martina

It’s time for another hand sanitizer talk. I know, you’ve heard it all and are well aware that using hand sanitizers isn’t the most moisturizing thing you can do for your skin but we need to bring it up again because, as you know, the whole world has been practically bathing in the stuff for the past year. With everything going on around us and the high focus on keeping our hands clean and germ free, our old friend ‘the sanitizer’ has shot up in the popularity contest. Are your hand sanitizers drying out your skin? Let’s revisit this idea and remind you of what you can do about it!

Hand Sanitizer Is Everywhere!

You walk into a shop, there’s a hand sanitizer station at the front door. You go to the doctor’s office, there’s a hand sanitizer station at the front door. Your kids go to school, they need to put hand sanitizer on when they walk in. You go on a bus, you instantly feel you need to put hand sanitizer on the instant you touch the handrail. Here’s a little challenge for you. Just try and count how many times a day you need to use hand sanitizer at the moment. It’s literally become a habit ingrained in our lives. Have I touched something outside of my home? Better slap on the hand sanitizer!

The Evidence on Our Skin

Now look at your hands. Do they look hydrated, moisturized, healthy and in top form? What about how they feel? Do they feel soft, smooth and comfortable? I’m guessing they don’t – unless you already know the secret! I can almost bet that most of us will look at our hands and think that we need some active skin repair to help our hands look in better shape than they are.

gloves in a bottle hand lotion for dry skinI feel I need to remind you that the hand sanitizers we are using are made up of at least 60% alcohol in order to kill the germs, with some of them as high as 95% alcohol.1 You might as well dip your hands in a tub of rubbing alcohol. Because alcohol evaporates so quickly, it kills the germs and then all the evidence is gone. Actually, that’s not completely true. We are left with proof that hand sanitizer has come to visit just by looking at our dried out, irritated and withered-looking skin.

The Not-So-Secret Solution

It’s time to revisit the secret that can stop your hands from looking ten years older than you actually are! And it comes in a small little tube. (No, it’s not a tube of hand-Botox.) Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion that can literally shield your hands from pathogens and irritants, keeping those nasties from entering your body through your skin. By forming a

barrier with the top layer of your skin, it also keeps your own oils and moisture inside which is the key to helping your hands stay hydrated, healthy and young! When you rub on your next load of hand sanitizer, it will still effectively kill the germs but it won’t be able to rob you of your moisture. This alone will keep your hands looking and feeling soothed.

As we all know, washing our hands is more effective and also helps to get rid of dirt – which hand sanitizers don’t do – and the fabulous news is that Gloves In A Bottle gives the same protection against water and soap because it won’t wash off. It comes off naturally, as your skin sheds.

It seems no matter where we go, hand drying culprits are everywhere. But if you keep your skin protected with Gloves In A Bottle, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. And as a total bonus, if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, this magical shielding lotion will help to heal your skin all while protecting it from inevitable future irritants like your hand sanitizer!

Are your hand sanitizers drying out your skin? Yes. Will Gloves In A Bottle help solve this annoying problem for you? Yes to that too! Should you have a travel size tube of shielding lotion in your bag beside your hand sanitizer bottle? Absolutely! 


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