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Why You Need Liquid Gloves for Artists

Words By Martina

As an artist, you create your art in all sorts of ways, exhibiting your limitless imagination. No two artists are the same and no two pieces of your artwork are the same. The one thing that most artists do have in common is the importance of your hands in your artwork. But without liquid gloves for artists, your most prized tools become at risk of damage.

An Artist’s Hands Are Everything

You need your hands to create your masterpieces, whether it’s for painting, for sculpting or any other form of creation. If your hands become damaged or irritated, this will affect your ability to do the work you love.

This means putting the health of your hands at the forefront of your creation and keeping them well taken care of so that you can concentrate on the fun part.

The Effect of Materials on an Artist’s Hands

As an artist, you might not always think of your materials and your medium as a hazardous substance but don’t overlook the side effects they can cause.


Materials such as paint, solvents and clay can aggravate your skin, as well as working with harder materials such as wood, metals and glass. Repetitive contact with these materials and the use of tools and machinery involved can damage the skin, causing it to dry out, become cracked and irritated or even develop rashes and more serious infections.

Unfortunately, as an artist the choice of not using a substance is not always an option you want to consider. You don’t want your imagination to be limited by the health of your skin.

Even the use of gloves can get in the way of your creation process and may not always be a suitable choice. 

How to Protect Your Hands with Liquid Gloves

There is a simple way that you can protect your hands from harsh substances and keep your skin healthy. By using a barrier cream such as Gloves in a Bottle, you are creating an invisible line of defense that will not only protect your skin from the daily irritants it comes in contact with, but it will also help your hands to heal from possible damage already taken place.

A pair of liquid gloves for artists is the most natural, least intrusive way you can protect your hands. You’re an artist so leave the health of your hands to the experts so that you can focus on what matters most - creating!

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